Welcome to Dicore Pharmaceuticals

About Us

Dicore Pharmaceuticals name relates to high quality products and services. The constant, high quality level of our products is based on our good relationship with our providers/manufacturers and on the knowledge they have about the meaning of Dicore that means quality with the latest scientific developments and their technical applications. The elements of quality are built in the system right from the stage of material inputs to finished product. The products are manufactured by UK MHRA,WHO GMP compliant units who stick to highest quality standards .This is followed by stringent outsourced assaying by US FDA certified laboratories on all the products from the Dicore Pharmaceuticals.

Our Business

Enhance the quality of life for humankind by providing innovative and trusted ingredients to the healthcare industry. Dicore  Pharmaceuticals strives the best by meeting the technological and scientific needs of the society, government & industry . Dicore  Pharmaceuticals have a rich range of products globally and we do specialize in solutions to treatment of nosocomial and life threatening infections. The core thrust of the company is in Oncology & ophthalmology & nutraceuticals& Immunology & Dental care.

Who We Are

Dicore Pharmaceuticals is a company having rich range in oncology and antibiotics range for nosocomial infections and the company is poised to market a few new products in the field of immunology and we are looking forward to serious tieups for marketing of biologics in India.